The Pros and Cons of Being a Freelance iOS Developer in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide



Introduction to Freelance iOS Development


Do you love iOS programming and tech? Looking to leave the 9-5 for a career with endless possibilities? Freelance iOS development could lead to career freedom in 2024! Let's discuss freelancing iOS programming's pros and cons, including flexible work. Learn if freelancing is good for you, developer or novice!


Pros of Being a Freelance iOS Developer


Freelance iOS developers enjoy flexibility and freedom. Choose your tasks, establish your schedule, and work remotely. This flexibility helps you balance work and life and customize your workload.


Another benefit of freelancing is higher earnings. Skilled iOS developers can charge competitive rates and work on several projects. This can yield much better earnings than typical jobs.


As a freelance iOS developer, you work on diverse projects for clients in different industries. This exposure sharpens your talents, expands your portfolio, and connects you with other experts.


Freelance iOS developers have unmatched independence, financial incentives, and growth potential in a changing digital market.


A. Flexibility and freedom


Flexibility and freedom are major benefits of freelancing as an iOS developer. You can choose your projects and schedule and work remotely. This work-life balance control is invaluable.


Choosing your projects lets you explore different sectors and technologies. Choose to develop healthcare, financial, or entertainment mobile apps. This variation keeps things interesting and challenges you to evolve as a developer.


Being able to work remotely lets you construct your ideal environment. You may create a creative environment in a comfortable coffee shop or a home office with all your favorite tools.


Freelance iOS developers may quickly adapt to industry developments and embrace new chances in this fast-paced digital world.


B. Higher earning potential


In 2024, freelancing iOS developers will have a better income potential, which is appealing. Skilled iOS developers can charge competitive rates due to rising mobile app development demand.


If you have a track record of successful projects and delighted customers, clients will pay more for top-tier iOS development expertise. As a freelance iOS developer, you may set your fees and make more than in a typical job.


You can also boost your income by working on many projects or with a high-profile clientele. Freelancing lets you control your monthly income by scaling your effort and competence.


C. Ability to work on diverse projects


Working on varied projects is fascinating for independent iOS developers. Each project presents new difficulties and growth opportunities. Variety keeps things fresh, whether designing an app for a startup or working with established companies.


Working on diverse projects expands your skills and expertise. You may work on gaming apps or e-commerce platforms, adjusting to customer needs. This variety keeps your work interesting and improves your iOS coding skills.


Your project choices shape your professional path. Explore diverse industries, try new ideas, and build a portfolio that demonstrates your skills across applications. Diversity in tasks gives independent iOS developers limitless learning and professional growth opportunities.


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Cons of Being a Freelance iOS Developer


Although independent iOS developers have numerous benefits, they're not perfect. Unreliable revenue is a key downside. Due to project-based employment and customer availability, freelancers' remuneration fluctuates.


Another drawback is self-employment taxes. Freelancers must keep detailed records of their complex taxes throughout the year. Freelance iOS developers must budget for this added expense.


Freelancing lacks job stability and benefits. Freelancers may have trouble getting health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and job security.


Many freelance iOS developers prefer the freedom and flexibility above these drawbacks. You must consider your priorities and whether freelancing fits your career goals and ideals.


A. Inconsistent income


Freelance iOS developers may face income volatility. Freelancers' salary varies monthly.


A profitable project may come in one month, but the next may be slower with fewer client requests. Income fluctuation makes financial planning harder.


Many freelancers advise saving during strong months to cover expenditures during weaker months. A financial cushion can help with freelance work's ups and downs.


Diversifying your clientele and services can also stabilize your income. Offering a variety of services or targeting diverse industries can lessen dependency on one income source and promote job stability.


B. Self-employment taxes


Freelance iOS developers often overlook self-employment taxes. Traditional workers have taxes deducted from their paychecks, but freelancers must file. Set aside income for federal, state, Social Security, and Medicare taxes.


Tools are available to help you understand and pay self-employment taxes. Track your income and expenses throughout the year to simplify tax filing.


Self-employment taxes are part of running a freelance firm, notwithstanding their inconvenience. Stay organized and proactive to avoid tax season surprises.


C. Lack of benefits and job security


Lack of benefits and employment security is a key negative for freelancing iOS developers. Independent contractors rarely obtain health insurance, retirement plans, or paid time off. This requires individual budgeting for these expenses.


Freelancers worry about job security because jobs are transient and based on customer demand. Income may be uncertain between projects. Client needs and timetables can vary, resulting in work gaps.


Freelancing offers flexibility but lacks the steadiness of a salaried job. Freelance iOS developers should manage their finances and seek long-term contracts or retainer agreements to mitigate these issues.


Skills and Qualifications Needed for Freelance iOS Development in 2024


In 2024, independent iOS developers will need a solid grasp of Swift and Objective-C. Understanding iOS frameworks like UIKit and SwiftUI can help you create smooth user experiences.


Keeping current on iOS ecosystem developments and technologies is essential to staying competitive in the ever-changing IT sector. Git, debugging, and problem-solving skills can set you apart from your competitors.


To manage customer relationships and complete projects on schedule and within budget, one needs technical, communication, and project management skills. Strong attention to detail, originality, and agility can help freelance iOS developers succeed in a competitive market.




Freelance iOS development in 2024 has pros and cons. The freedom, better-earning potential, and range of projects are appealing, but unpredictable income, self-employment taxes, and no traditional benefits can be worrisome. One requires the right abilities and adaptability to the ever-changing tech landscape to succeed in this sector. For independent and creative iOS developers, freelancing is a unique opportunity.

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